Summer Lovin’ Classes

by jenna on July 6, 2015

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What are you up to this summer?  Enjoying the sun and water I hope!  Want to learn something new, develop healthier habits, and expand your conscious awareness?

Join me for a class, workshop, or meditation! See classes in July below. 

Sunday, July 12 - Kombucha Workshop: A basic introduction to home brewing kombucha. Kombucha is a fizzy fermented tea that supports good bacteria in your body, strengthening your immunity and ability to regenerate.

We will learn the entire process step by step, from gathering the materials to harvesting your first brew and starting the next. You will go home with starter tea and SCOBY (bacteria and yeast “mother”).  The home brewing process is so simple and low maintenance, you’ll be wondering why you hadn’t started sooner!

 5pm – 6:30pm. $25

For more information read my Kombucha Home Brew 101 post.

RSVP on FB or Email me to sign-up.


Thursdays from July 16 – August 27: 7 Week Meditation Series. A journey through the 7 chakras to align your mind, heart, and soul purpose.  These major energy centers of the body correspond to every aspect of our lives.

Learning about the energies of the 7 chakras will provide a road map to your personal transformation. As we ascend through the chakras you will rediscover your strengths and weaknesses.  You will connect the dots between your heart and mind, and become aware of the relationship between your energy body and your thoughts and feelings.

Thursdays from July 16 – August 27 at Soma Vida 6:30pm – 7:45pm
RSVP on facebook here or email me


I am now offering private sessions at Soma Vida Wellness Center.

Yoga 1 on 1 – stretch, movement, & breathing practices for balance, strength, & release.

Stress Relief – aromatherapy, guided relaxation, massage, energy healing, sound healing.

Yoga + Relief – combining a heart & core activating practice with guided relaxation & massage.

Partner Yoga – synchronizing, strengthening partnership, therapeutic healing, acroyoga.

Family Yoga - a light hearted shared practice to connect and play with those you love most!

Booking Monday – Thursday from 7am – 5pm. Please inquire for rates and availability. Email

Find me on facebook  or  instagram

Wishing you the best summer ever, sun on your skin, wind in your hair, smile of your face, and love in your heart!


Jenna Jasso
Living true to nature.


Change YOU

by jenna on April 30, 2015

in Affirmations

The only constant is change. From the micro cellular level, transformation is continual with every breath you take, every beat of your heart. Practice acceptance in moments that stir your expectations or challenge your beliefs. Change is happening, always opening space for new possibility. Stay present to your Self in uncomfortable moments of your metamorphosis. Strengthen your wings. Welcome emotions. Breathe into the ache until it breaks. Release resistance to what is. Let it flow through you like a waterfall cleansing murky stagnant pools of your being. Remember who you truly are. Hold it down. You will make the difference. Celebrate! You are evolving!


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by jenna on April 28, 2015

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Open Hands

by jenna on April 20, 2015

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View from Above

by jenna on April 16, 2015

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Contours of the Earth

Cracks in the desert become canyons

Rivers like roots, like veins.

Flow of the water shapes the Earth

Flow of the winds comb the land

Earth shaping elements

Patterns, fractals in every form

The clouds adorn the sky

White light cotton chandeliers

Casting shadows from  high

I am protected

So many ways to see

So many ways to be

In hate, in love, in fear, in hope, in sorrow, in joy, in human.

I’m human on this ride, a crazy conscious gift.

May I continue to embrace and accept all that is

And co-create with divine purpose.

Aumen – Aum shanti

Written on a flight September 14th from Vegas to Austin



Woman in the Mirror

16 April 2015

*Woman in the Mirror* In white, brown skin shines sun Glowing from cheeks of peace Glancing at grace, two faces gaze Who is the creature in reflection In the golden mirror eyes see Recognize and receive The gift of life as human The gift of life as woman Sister and daughter To two mothers and [...]

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See what you want

13 April 2015

The change I want to see does not happen outside of me, it happens inside of me. It happens with every breath I take, every choice I make. Reflections on Perceptions. I am what I see. You are what you see. Good and bad. How can we see more good? I am what I perceive. [...]

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Be a Human

13 April 2015

Too many hues, so many humans Unaware of what we are, Afraid of what we are not, Hu is you, Hu is me Hu – God – Hu – God It’s in the name Human, Godman you are! Godsend To see the beauty of creation To feel the high of life To taste, to smell, [...]

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Kombucha Home Brew 101

5 March 2015

Kombucha is a fermented tea that supports and strengthens good bacteria in your body, boosting immune system and improving health. Ready to start your own home brew? Here’s what you’ll need: 1 gallon of water (must be purified/distilled) 8 tea bags green or black. I think I prefer green tea. Don’t use flavored tea. 1 [...]

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Infinite Adaptation

5 March 2015

Written at McKinney Falls October 2014 Book of trees, speak to me. Show me what I need to see. Tell me what I’m ready to hear. Teach me how to live without fear. Sunlight take me away. Take me from my pain.  Make it right before I fight again. Washing waters cleanse my heart of [...]

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Home Composting 101

12 February 2015

You can easily begin your starter compost today! Ingredients: Earth – Organic matter Water Air Sun Organic parts: 3 parts brown matter, high in carbon (leaves / dead plants / grass clippings / pine needles / straw/ mulch) 1 part green matter, compostables are high in nitrogen ( raw food scraps / peels / tea [...]

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Sweetest Thangs at 30

5 August 2014

1) Living with my sister. Me and my sis (Jessica) were always together in our younger years. I lived age 2-7yrs twice to be beside my sister (5 yrs younger) watching Barney and Bananas in Pajamas.  We did eeeverything together and had lots of fun.  My buddy and me.  And then I reached puberty…  terrible [...]

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Pam Bok Waterfall

22 July 2014

Thailand June 2014 .    I went to Pam Bok Waterfall in my final hour with the scooter I rented for 2 days from Chiang Mai.  It was my only full day in Pai. I had been to Mo Paeng Waterfall and enjoyed climbing the slippery rock. Then I stopped through the Strawberry Pai Love cafe [...]

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In Passing

25 April 2014

My Poetriography – Summer 2013 The broken hurts. He cries and tries to bring alive the love he never knew. Would he recognize it when it came or would he shun it just the same. We all need love to live. We all have love to give.  Why do we put boxes of toxic blame [...]

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Con fuze

9 March 2014

I know him He knows me He sees Ego disagrees Human mind play Attempt control Fall down Surrender Smile Love

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Euphoria AcroDance with Mateo

14 February 2014

I love acrodancing! (acrobatic – dance) Check out this video of a fun performance at a dance fest in Austin.

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6th St Austin Yoga Time Lapse

7 February 2014

Remember you are powerful. Bring about, in the human mind, the radical revolution. The crisis is the crisis in consciousness. -Jiddu Krishnamurti Just a usual day on the 6th st. strip in Austin, Texas. Yoga por vida… does the body good. 10x Time lapse Sun Salutations.  In other words, this one minute vinyasa was actually [...]

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The Scents of Wellness

5 February 2014

I recently discovered an amazing and local holistic apothecary Well Scent, a company that offers skin friendly essential oils ready to apply and heal you. I was especially excited when I realized that this quality line of essential oils is concocted in my lovely city of Austin, where we proudly buy local. Well Scent’s essential [...]

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To be with Her

3 February 2014

In fertile soil Love grows through my toes and into my bones. Where have I gone again? To be with her. In love. In peace. We share stories of all time. Laughing at the simple knowing gone lost, now to be found. The tree is crowned as my queen to which I kneel each day.

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Your Knowing Unknown

19 January 2014

Turning of age… change of pace… time and space One Victory – Victory over War - You win when We All win Go fly your nest find your test rites of passage shake your ashes clear your stashes of shadowy matters Secrets out, you matter you are matter rather vibration condensed divine form of human expression honor [...]

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Let’s get lug.

14 January 2014

You know I love long hugs! Haha. Yes, long, awkward “is she serious” kinda hugs.  And YES I am serious. Hugs are good for you and they only really count when they are at least six seconds long.  Research studies have proven that a 6 second hug is long enough to release healing feel good [...]

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Change little by little, one by one

14 January 2014

  In order to transcend the old ways, old patterns, reactionary responses that don’t serve, and stories that don’t support our highest path… we must first recognize them.  It is hard to observe oneself, so be open to feedback from friends and family. Remember what boyfriends or girlfriends have complained about, what your Mom complained [...]

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Stone Thrown

13 January 2014

Now here at the journaling class. I asked to sit outside, my greatest inspirations flow here with her. Naked sun scorching skin in January Baby butterfly flutters The water utters a continuous fall Like the words streaming through Sitting in a grand seat fit for a king Walls of stone around my throne Falling out [...]

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1min vlogs Jan 3rd – Jan 13th

13 January 2014

I’ve been doing the 1 min vlog every day this month. I have missed only one day, the 11th. I noticed I’ve gotten a little sloppy with the whole “1min” part of it.  The most recent one is 1:41.  I’m really gonna try to do only 1min max the rest of the month.  It’s difficult [...]

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Lights of Prey

9 January 2014

Lights control the stop and go See green glow flow… Oh yes! >>>> Red flashes bring to halt Oh no! No yellow to warn a fellow lover of lost boys without toys Hit the brakes the first fakes second flakes third takes whatever is left of the shit I just shed like vultures clinging to [...]

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Flow over Fone

2 January 2014

1 min vlog day 2. My relationship with my cell phone seems normal to me, but that’s only relative to my own perception. I do not hold on high the necessity to keep up with text and phone calls. Maybe I’m talking about it, because I’m feeling the need to be more responsive.  I can [...]

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Happy New Year New Vlog

1 January 2014

I’ve started a 1 min vlog… 1 min every day for the month of January.   I want to share more thoughts and insights this way, so this 1 min vlog is a good exercise.  I did some vlogs over a year ago, and most were over 15 mins long. TOO LONG!  So, now I [...]

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Eewy Gluewy

1 January 2014

I’m finally back home in my own kitchen and happy to get back to my healthier home diet. I went to Peru on Nov. 14th and away went my sense of healthy eating.  It’s easy to use the vacation diet excuse, but when I’m vacationing for over a month… it’s not cool.  I returned just [...]

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