In Passing

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My Poetriography – Summer 2013

The broken hurts. He cries and tries to bring alive the love he never knew.

Would he recognize it when it came or would he shun it just the same.

We all need love to live. We all have love to give.  Why do we put boxes of toxic blame around our hearts?  Why do we throw rocks of shocking shame, profound in starts.

I love his sweet face. I’ll never taste. Another lesson learned, another heart burn, another rough turn, to show my clumsy way home. read more. . .


I know him
He knows me
He sees

Ego disagrees

Human mind play

Attempt control

Fall down




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I love acrodancing! (acrobatic – dance) Check out this video of a fun performance at a dance fest in Austin.


Remember you are powerful.

Bring about, in the human mind, the radical revolution. The crisis is the crisis in consciousness. -Jiddu Krishnamurti

Just a usual day on the 6th st. strip in Austin, Texas. Yoga por vida… does the body good.

10x Time lapse Sun Salutations.  In other words, this one minute vinyasa was actually 10 minutes long.

Audio clips from Zeitgeist Addendum Watch Here.


I recently discovered an amazing and local holistic apothecary Well Scent, a company that offers skin friendly essential oils ready to apply and heal you. I was especially excited when I realized that this quality line of essential oils is concocted in my lovely city of Austin, where we proudly buy local.

Well Scent’s essential oils are created with a base of jojoba oil, which is known to be a prime healing tool for your skin due to its similarity in structure to the lubricant that your skin has the ability to naturally produce. Jojoba oil remedies almost any skin troubles, and is highly replenishing and rejuvenating. Jojoba is often used for anti-aging skin care products because of its ability to reverse pore size and wrinkle definition. Jojoba is definitely the ideal carrier (base) for essential oils.

What are essential oils?

Think of essential oils as extracts of the essence of life on earth. In Well Scent’s essential oil blends, these extracts provide the texture and color to the jojoba canvas. When applied to your skin, the essential oil blend is absorbed into your body for healing effects, and passively inhaled for mental and emotional healing benefits. read more. . .


To be with Her

3 February 2014

In fertile soil Love grows through my toes and into my bones. Where have I gone again? To be with her. In love. In peace. We share stories of all time. Laughing at the simple knowing gone lost, now to be found. The tree is crowned as my queen to which I kneel each day.

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Your Knowing Unknown

19 January 2014

Turning of age… change of pace… time and space One Victory – Victory over War - You win when We All win Go fly your nest find your test rites of passage shake your ashes clear your stashes of shadowy matters Secrets out, you matter you are matter rather vibration condensed divine form of human expression honor [...]

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Let’s get lug.

14 January 2014

You know I love long hugs! Haha. Yes, long, awkward “is she serious” kinda hugs.  And YES I am serious. Hugs are good for you and they only really count when they are at least six seconds long.  Research studies have proven that a 6 second hug is long enough to release healing feel good [...]

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Change little by little, one by one

14 January 2014

  In order to transcend the old ways, old patterns, reactionary responses that don’t serve, and stories that don’t support our highest path… we must first recognize them.  It is hard to observe oneself, so be open to feedback from friends and family. Remember what boyfriends or girlfriends have complained about, what your Mom complained [...]

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Stone Thrown

13 January 2014

Now here at the journaling class. I asked to sit outside, my greatest inspirations flow here with her. Naked sun scorching skin in January Baby butterfly flutters The water utters a continuous fall Like the words streaming through Sitting in a grand seat fit for a king Walls of stone around my throne Falling out [...]

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1min vlogs Jan 3rd – Jan 13th

13 January 2014

I’ve been doing the 1 min vlog every day this month. I have missed only one day, the 11th. I noticed I’ve gotten a little sloppy with the whole “1min” part of it.  The most recent one is 1:41.  I’m really gonna try to do only 1min max the rest of the month.  It’s difficult [...]

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Lights of Prey

9 January 2014

Lights control the stop and go See green glow flow… Oh yes! >>>> Red flashes bring to halt Oh no! No yellow to warn a fellow lover of lost boys without toys Hit the brakes the first fakes second flakes third takes whatever is left of the shit I just shed like vultures clinging to [...]

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Flow over Fone

2 January 2014

1 min vlog day 2. My relationship with my cell phone seems normal to me, but that’s only relative to my own perception. I do not hold on high the necessity to keep up with text and phone calls. Maybe I’m talking about it, because I’m feeling the need to be more responsive.  I can [...]

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Happy New Year New Vlog

1 January 2014

I’ve started a 1 min vlog… 1 min every day for the month of January.   I want to share more thoughts and insights this way, so this 1 min vlog is a good exercise.  I did some vlogs over a year ago, and most were over 15 mins long. TOO LONG!  So, now I [...]

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Eewy Gluewy

1 January 2014

I’m finally back home in my own kitchen and happy to get back to my healthier home diet. I went to Peru on Nov. 14th and away went my sense of healthy eating.  It’s easy to use the vacation diet excuse, but when I’m vacationing for over a month… it’s not cool.  I returned just [...]

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Is it or is it not what I thought

7 October 2013

How many of us find ourselves in a world completely different than we once imagined it to be.  A young, curious, unassuming mind painted pictures, a dream. Then, the “real world” comes and it’s not so real… or maybe it is.  What is real anyway?  My dream of the real world and your dream of [...]

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Flip the Script

27 September 2013

When someone does/says something I disagree with… I let go of attachment to what is right and what is wrong. In a moment, a reactive or divisive response is transmuted into an expansion of my awareness. I accept the reality of the experience and appreciate the opportunity to receive greater clarity of what I choose [...]

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Mirror Magic

23 September 2013

written at Bull Creek Falls Sept. 17 2013 #doseofnature Magic in the mirror. The looking glass is half full. Multiplicity of divine perfection. Still water reflects her beauty in two. Duplicity, divine simplicity. Water our natural source of continuance, our source of life and magic. The one undone, where here I see two skies blue, two [...]

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Falling Leaves

17 September 2013

Written at Campbell’s Hole, September 10 2013 Oh the peace in me. I lay and fall away under the sky as it grows deeper in blue every moment. The fall has arrived, a changing of tides, changing color of leaves upon trees.. and what about me? Fading out of old and coming into new. Another [...]

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Prison Yoga Video

12 September 2013
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Washington Post

10 September 2013

I wanted to share the 2 of “10 changes since 9/11″ that I appreciated being mentioned in this article from Washington Post. 6. Rise (and fall) of U.S. fervor for military action After the 2001 attacks, the George W. Bush administration moved quickly into Afghanistan in the hunt for Osama bin Laden and the fight [...]

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Stay out of Syria – FOX says it all

8 September 2013

The video below is amazing!!! I hope millions of people saw it. I wonder what the general feeling is.. hmm probably worth digging around the news. It looks like an opportunity for Americans to come together with one voice. Catalysts are painful. I feel like I’m in a thriller movie and it’s scary at times [...]

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Today is the Way

6 September 2013

We’ve all had gentleness in our lives that inspires us to be that way, to see that way. But in small doses gets lost in the chaos of He and She and who and why. Dominant. Prominent. Affluent influence teaches us hopeful social goodness, but shows shadows of disbelief leading to grief. Ideas without form, [...]

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Words from my walk

3 September 2013

Oh butterfly beauty. I love you butterfly. We are born with the ability to see then we unsee. To live with passion, we must go from unseeing to seeing again. I love you all over, everywhere. All over everything. When I go on walks I often fall into a hypnotic trance, lost in the beauty [...]

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My Tri-Effecta

29 August 2013

There are three words placed in a triangle on my blog header image.  These words, transformation, integration, and propagation, are oriented this way to represent the cycle of personal and cultural evolution with respect to each individual experience. I’m creating visual representations of different ideas and philosophies of my own pertaining to shifting culture, hearts, [...]

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Personal Mantras

27 August 2013

Self affirmations are very powerful, especially when I fully believe and trust in the words being spoken.  Most of us grew up in an environment, judgemental society, that subconsciously influences the development of negative self talk or negative self affirmations. Negative affirmations have the same effect as positive affirmations, if not greater, on the true [...]

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Never Alone

25 August 2013

You are the LOVE… You are the LIGHT.. never alone.. never without sight. If you go blind, quiet your mind. Hear your heart beat to guide your feet… hug yourself NOW

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Ich liebe Friedrich Nietzsche

15 August 2013

“Gott ist tot” God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him. Yet his shadow still looms. How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers? What was holiest and mightiest of all that the world has yet owned has bled to death under our knives: who will wipe this blood off [...]

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Reflexions Return

12 August 2013

When I don’t know how to do something I just do it…. Lately I’ve been enjoying entertaining my curiosity for what exists beyond my resistance. Resistance to anything is usually fear based, so my resistance guides me to discover my fears. I’ve chosen to lean into it and push through to reveal an experience I [...]

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Interview with LovEvolution

10 August 2013

I hosted the Magic Love Bus as they visited Austin on their journey across America in June of 2012. Here are some photos of me with the bus from different angles. Kernel Love Joy (Patrick Hennessey) interviewed me about my work and my inspirations. Here it is!

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